The Case

The year is 2028. ‘Money’ has become fully digital, managed through a smart contract called the Lantern Wallet. Secured on the blockchain, decentralised, and 100% safe. Or so we thought… Around the world, more and more wallets lock up, leading to rising panic and chaos on the streets. Only with your help Interpol might be able to solve this case and avoid a global disaster.

ABN Amro needed a novel way to attract software developers. Its not easy for a bank to attract the best talent as this target group has options to spare. Code D’azur pitched a brilliant concept; make them the hero in an AR game that combines escape room like problem solving within a finance themed adventure. Code D’azur asked me to lead the game development effort.

The Lockdown is an AR game for IOS and Android made with Unity3D. The type of AR it utilises is horizontal plane detection, available both in ARKit and ARCore. We partnered with Sherlocked, one of the top escape room game designers, to develop custom games that would work well in a mobile AR context. These games would be fitted into an exciting block buster story about Block Chain gone wrong.


The Lockdown – Mobile AR Game



What we did

Technical Lead, Game development


Spin Awards, Lovie Awards, Esprix Awards

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An Augmented Reality

Escape Room Game

Done Right

The learnings of the lockdown project will be shared here