Hi, I am Ruud op den Kelder.

I create playful interactive worlds and installations in the form of games, interactive stories and immersive music clips. I am a freelance creative developer, audio-visual artist, teacher and presenter.

I started this journey twenty years ago, at age 13 I picked up programming and never looked back. Now twenty years later I have a firm computer science background and a diverse set of creative skills that I can rely on to realise any digital interactive concept one might have.

My recent work involves an escape room in augmented realty, several virtual reality music experiences: Scores of Chaos, Ukiyo Cave & Trippin Reality and a full sensory VR experience including scent, heat and wind for the purpose of conveying the need for change in how we treat our planet. Currently I am experimenting with live motion capture controlled music performances, an augmented spatial audio opera and virtual embodiment for personal development purposes.

Take a look around and if you think we could collaborate on something beautiful don’t hesitate to contact me!