Creating synergy in a full body motion controlled audiovisual liveshow

This liveshow innovation hack week was hosted and supported by Effenaar Smart Venue. Using state of the art technology from VREE (a VR company specialised in location based VR gaming solutions), XSense (Motion tracking suit) and MiMu Gloves we set out to connect motion to music and visuals on a whole new level. Where Chagall before played her music solely with hand movements using the Mimu Gloves, these hack days were to add full body motion control over sound and visuals.

In the course of four days we brought together technology, motion choreography, visual design and Chagall’s music into a convincing prototype.

In Dutch press:

Volkskrant: De hele show naar je hand. Zangeres Chagall vindt livemuziek opnieuw uit met technologie

Nu.nl: muziek in toekomst vlak bij artiest dankzij technologie

A little peak into the result of the 4 days of high spirited hacking:

Bonus Content: Early choreography & technology experimentation

As the experiment proved to be successful, we are planning to develop this creative technology further once we harvest additional resources.