Tripin Reality is a 12 minute long audio reactive 360 animation featuring visual assets created in VR using Google’s Tiltbrush and Blocks. It has been created and rendered using Unity 3D and in particular using state of the art creative production tools like:

  • Timeline
  • Cinemachine
  • Tiltbrush Unity SDK
  • Kejiro Takashi’s Klak (creative coding library)
  • Kejiro Takashi’s Reaktion (audio reactive animation)

The creation of Tripin reality was a collaboration between:

  • SNG Hamburg: music and sample production
  • Vladimir Ilic AKA VRHuman: visual asset production
  • Sara Lisa Vogl: Concept and art direction
  • Robo Ruud (me): Creation of audiovisual landscape, audio-reactive animation, camera work and rendering
  • EvrBit: accurate syncing of GearVR headsets and cinema audio system

Tripin Reality premiered in November, 2017 at the Zoo Palast cinema in Berlin. At the event the animation was played for 150 people wearing GearVR headsets all synced to the same frame and music from the cinema’s 7.1 speakerset using Evrbit’s syncing technology.